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Shipping & Delivery

Shipping & Delivery



Return Shipment

Return Shipment





General Questions

General Questions

Shipping & Delivery

What to do if the parcel is damaged?

We set a high value on a good quality of our packaging to protect shipments against typical damages in transit. However, in case of receiving a damaged parcel, please contact us or DPD within 2 working days. Please keep detailed records of the damage (e.g. taking a picture). Please send the full inf ormation to us via email. We take care about anything else for you. The handling of the claim for compensation by the transport insurance usually takes 1-3 weeks on average. In single cases it can take longer time. After adjusting the damage by DPD, you will receive either a refund or a replacement delivery. Of course, in single cases the replacement is performed faster. Read more

With which carrier do we ship our goods?

Parcels are sent by DHL.
Bigger shipments are sent by DHL freight.

What is the time of delivery?

Times of delivery vary and are different for each product. You can check the expected time of delivery for each product on » our website. In case of delivery bottlenecks, we will inform you as soon as possible.

Where can I find my tracking number of shipping?

As soon as your goods are prepared for shipping, you will receive a shipping confirmation via E-mail, in which you get informed about this process. You will receive the shipping-number in a separate E-mail, which you will receive shortly after your order is sent to the dispatch department. If you do n’t get an Email from UPS, please check your spam-folder– sometimes Emails from UPS are blocked by the Email program. If you don’t receive a shipping-number within 24 hours after ordering, please contact us and we will inform you about the shipping-number. Read more

I received a shipping-number, but the shipment takes extraordinary long.

Please send us an Email if the shipment takes extraordinary long time. Maybe the postman can’t make out your home. Possible reasons therefore might be:

  • wrong name at the entrance
  • hidden door
  • big apartment building

Therefore, when or dering, please make sure that the information you give us is correct. You can also make additional specifications. Furthermore, please enter your phone-number when ordering so that the shipper can contact you if any further questions appear. It is also possible to directly contact the shipper under specification of your shipping-number to make sure the second attempt of delivery will be done faster. This is because you can describe best to the postman how to get to your address. Read more

Can I come to the Kunzmann-Shop to pick-up the goods by myself?

The Kunzmann-Onlineshop is a pure online presence. Please note that therefore it is not possible to pickup the goods at our shop by yourself.

Why is my order delayed? / Delivery bottlenecks

We do a careful and proactive product planning. However, in case of items with a high demand short-term backlogs can appear in our central warehouse. Such items are replenished immediately within 1-2 days from our central warehouse. If a long-term problem appears, we will contact you as soon as poss ible to inform you about the further procedure. Information on the delivery status of our products is updated by us regularly. Items which are especially popular can be out of stock faster than they are updated in our shop. We react very quickly to increasing market demands. However, in single cases supply of our items can take a few days longer than usual. Read more

I have received a faulty item / My order is defect – what to do now?

Please contact us as soon as possible so that we can take care of your concerns.


Which methods of payment are available?

You can find Order » Payment Methods or via » direct link.

My credit card payment isn’t executed, what can I do?

Maybe you didn’t enter the Mastercard SecureCode / Verified by VISA-Code or the input was not entered correctly. Please make sure not to confuse the codec with the verification code on the reverse side of your credit card. Furthermore it can be that you use an antivirus or ad-block program tha t considers a payment via credit card as a risk. Another reason can be that cookies are not provided. Read more

What is a Secure-Code?

You can find information on Mastercard SecureCode by following this link: https://www.mastercard.co.uk/en-gb/consumers/features-benefits/securecode.html
You can find information on Verified by VISA-Code by following this link: https://www.visa.co.uk/products/protection-benefits/verified-by-visa/


Why our prices are lower compared to local distributors?

We exclusively distribute our items via the internet. Thus, some costs which otherwise would exist at a car sales house, (e.g. rental costs for showrooms, customer consultant around the clock etc.) can be reduced. Another point are high purchase quantity’s, by which further economics are realized. All this allows us to sell our products at the best price possible.

Are discounts possible?

Generally, discounts on prices in our shop are not possible as our products are already offered to the best prices possible.

What about special dealer conditions?

Our prices are already calculated for end customers. Therefore trade-discounts are only possible in single cases and must be checked in advance by one of our staff members.

Return Shipment

I don’t like the ordered item – who pays for the returning of the products?

I have ordered the wrong item.
The customer bears the costs for return consignments. We do not offer free return of the goods. Unpaid shipments are not accepted by our Goods Receipt Department. If it is not possible to return the goods by mail, we estimate the resulting costs at a maximum of 49 ,90 € for inner-German shipments and at a maximum of 149,90 € for inner-European, cross-border shipments.

You can find further information » here.
Read more


When do I receive the refund?

At first, we release your reconsignment. Afterwards, you will make for the return. After receiving your reconsignment, our complaint department checks that the returned articles are complete and free of damage. In case of severe contamination or other impairments with a negative impact on the resale value we retain up to 30 % of the overall price of the goods.
Subsequently, a credit note will be created and transferred to the accountants’ department. The accountants’ department will reimburse your payment amount as soon as possible. For legal reasons, we can only use your primarily chosen method of payment for repay your amount of money.
The solidification process usually takes 5-7 working days after receiving your reconsignment. Please do not send requests on the processing status within this time.
If you choose “cash on delivery” as method of payment, please be aware that the reconsignment can take 2-3 weeks.
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Is it possible to cancel or modify the order before the receipt of the order confirmation?

Changing the order is basically possible but only for a limited period of time. This is, depending on the chosen method of payment, due to the fact that your order is directly transferred to our logistic department to be prepared for shipping. Therefore, please inform us about any order changes via Email or telephone. We will check on a caseby-case basis whether it is possible to change or cancel your order. Read more

General Questions

Do I get an invoice?

Yes, you will of course receive an invoice/credit note.

You will receive an email with a link valid for two weeks to download the PDF document as soon as the goods have been dispatched. After that, your invoice is always stored in the My Kunzmann account. If you do not have an account (e.g. purchase via PayPal Express or eBay), we can also send it to you by e-mail. Just contact us.

Are the parts offered in your shop original products?

Yes, offered parts are 100% original. All products in our shop are original parts from respective manufacturers. Kunzmann is an authorized contractual partner of Mercedes-Benz, AMG Performance Center and Volkswagen service base. Furthermore, we offer products made by leading manufacturers like Brabu s or Lorinser, which, without exception, are also proven original products. Read more

How long does it take until I receive a respond on my Email?

We try to answer every customer request within 24 hours. During peak times, it may be that we need more time to respond to your Email. Please understand that in this case it can take up to 48 hours to respond your Email. To avoid multiple responses going along with additional costs, please do not sent new inquiries within this time.

How to contact us by phone?

You can reach us at the following telephone number: 06021/44 77 94 444 between 08:00 a.m. and 18:00 p.m.

How does the warranty and goodwill processing work?

By buying in our Onlineshop, you also received a dealer invoice from an official Mercedes-Benz contractual partner/VW service operator. Thus, you have the right to get the Mercedes-Benz or Volkswagen warranty Europe-wide. To speed up the processing, please contact the VW or Audi contractual pa rtner which is next to you. Together with the original bill you received from us, your contractual partner can take necessary data, carrying out a fault diagnosis in installed condition and generating a damage report. In addition, the dealer can carry out an exchange in advance on good will basis to make sure your mobility isn’t affected.

You can submit the warranty claim with us as well. Please take into account that the processing by the warranty department of Mercedes-Benz, VW / Audi can take up to three months. Furthermore we can’t carry out an exchange in advance but rather have to wait for the results of the warranty proposal.

Please send us the following information to process your application:

  • a copy of the original invoice
  • a copy of the invoice for the installation (damages caused by self-assembly are not covered by the warranty)
  • vehicle identification number
  • the current mileage
  • official license plate
  • completely documented/certified proof of damages (e.g. from the dealer / specialist workshop + stamp + pictures)
  • further information

Please send this information together with the damaged part back to us. Moreover, please declare all warranty cases to us in advance so that we can provide you appropriate support. Being an authorized dealer, we are strictly bound to the warranty guidelines of Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Audi. We are not allowed to deviate from this procedure.
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Can I change my name on the invoice after receipt of the goods?

Sadly, due to the terms of taxes this is not possible. Thus, please pay attention to enter the correct data when ordering. Changing a private name into a company is also not possible.

Data protection? What is my Email address used for?

We only use your data to fulfill the existing purchase contract between you and us. Without your explicit permission we are not allowed to hand out your information to third parties. Your personal-related data is safe with us! Your data is transferred to us in encrypted form. Our web pages are protected against damage, destruction, unauthorized access by technical measures. Furthermore you receive a newsletter from us to various occasions. If you don’t want to receive our newsletter, you can prohibit us from posting, of course. Read more

How is the invoicing for Switzerland / Norway being handled?

For customers from Switzerland or Norway we provide order exempt from VAT. You don’t have to pay German VAT for your order. VAT is deducted at the end of the ordering process. Later reimbursement is, in spite of submitted customs documents, not possible. Please note that order exempt from VAT is only possible if delivery- and invoice address are situated in the same country (Switzerland / Norway). Read more

Is it possible for companies to place orders exempt from VAT?

Of course, sales tax is designated on invoices. An order exempt from VAT is only possible for foreign companies with a valid tax number / VAT number.

I can’t find the part I need. What shall I do?

Please contact us under: » Contact and tell us your concerns. Please tell us also your vehicle identification number. You can find it on your vehicle registration document or the identification document.




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