Measures to verify reviews

Any actual experience related to the purchase or use of a Participating Company's service may be rated up to 5 stars. The ratings refer to experiences that were no longer than 6 months old at the time the rating was submitted. An overall grade is then calculated from the simple average of the rating grades of all verified reviews of the last 12 months. In the comments, customers share their experiences in their own words.

Grade calculation based on star rating

5.00 - 4.50 Very good
4.49 - 3.50 Good
3.49 - 2.50 Satisfactory
2.49 - 1.50 Sufficient
1.49 - 1.00 Poor

Measures to verify the ratings

We have taken various measures in our review system to ensure that the published reviews are only from consumers who have actually used or purchased the goods or services (hereafter "Verified Reviews").

How do we ensure that the reviews are genuine?

Technical measures:
We use various technical measures to ensure that e-mail invitations to submit reviews are only sent to those e-mail addresses from which a purchase was made or a service purchased.

Online shoppers who have made a purchase in the Kunzmann online shop will receive a review invitation from us after completing the order. Via the link in the e-mail, an evaluation of the purchase actually made can be submitted.

In addition, users have the option of evaluating the orders they have placed by calling up their purchase under My Kunzmann (customer login). Here, too, it is technically ensured that only the purchase transactions stored in Mein Kunzmann (customer login) can be evaluated.

At the same time, further reference data for the order is collected in all cases in order to ensure a secure assignment overall and also of the individual reviews to an actual purchase.

Manual actions:
Additional manual measures are also used to check that only those customers who have purchased the product or used the service give reviews.

So that the authenticity of the rating and the legitimacy can be checked, the ratings cannot be submitted anonymously. The e-mail address from which the purchase was processed always serves as a verifiable reference for the rating.

If there are any abnormalities or indications that the evaluation, despite the technical measures mentioned above, is not based on experience, evidence of the legitimacy of the evaluation submitted is required and this is checked accordingly. If the requested proof of the purchase of the goods or the use of the services cannot be demonstrated, the ratings will be deleted.

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